Of course, one of the most iconic sandwiches has to be the Ploughman’s sandwich. A foundling London folk dish or table lunch on bread and cheese – time-consuming to make; light enough for a packed day’s work to finish it off before the pub closes down for business! We won’t know for certain whether Richard Evans of Plough Court was an original creator. But he is traditionally named as such thanks to the reference in Shakespeare’s play. The Merry Wives Of Windsor.

But one of the most significant contenders out there is none other than Mrs. Alice Thompson. She, who was 71 and died just 3 days before the incident in 1946, claims sole ownership of the original three-cheese version. The sandwich we all know and love is on its death certificate, so that’s great. Evolution can be traced back to a woman named Elizabeth Pakenham. Who was invited to join the PT series? My Journey in 1761 to improve its reputation for pastry.

Did you know? Invented by Elizabeth Pakenham, who opened the Oxford Tavern in Bull Street. The pasty was later made famous by being served on her rounds

What is a Ploughman’s sandwich?

What is a Ploughman's sandwich?


The plowman’s sandwich is a popular British sandwich that dates back to the early 1800s. It is prepared from two slices of bread. One is filled with beef, ham, bacon and eggs, and the other is cheese and tomato. The sandwich is then toasted and served with a slice of tomato. Although every region of the UK gives the same sandwiches with similar names, each includes different ingredients based on what was abundant in that exact area, tempting travelers to try them all. When you order one in a pub or restaurant, and hopefully notice the differences between local versions, enjoy. And if you don’t like them all individually, it doesn’t matter: The pleasing consistency and filling flavors of this simple sandwich means it still tastes pretty good without veering towards petulance and self-loathing.

Where is it from? Basically from every pub and sandwich bar within an hour’s drive of London. It was once seen as an abomination for anyone who drank in such joints for more than five minutes. But since beer has become

History of the plowman’s sandwich

The Swanky History of the Ploughman’s Sandwich

The plowman’s sandwich is a delicious and hearty meal that traces back to the mid-1800s. In fact, this lunch favorite is said to have originated in the coal-mining towns of northern England.

To make the plowman’s sandwich, you’ll need two slices of bread, either white or brown; butter; ham or bacon; pickles; mayonnaise; and sliced tomatoes. So far, so conventional. Its distinctive characteristic: a fluffy, gooey center blanketed in crispy breadcrumbs

Some speculate that the gooey texture of the sandwich was inspired by mashed potato filler used in early mining villages. Others say that it’s simply an all-around yummy affair that’s perfect for any time of day! Either way, we can agree that this classic dish deserves a place in history – and it’s sure

How and when did it become pub food?

The Ploughman’s sandwich has a long and illustrious history, having been popular in Britain for centuries. People originally made the sandwich by pairing meat (usually ham or bacon) with bread and pickles.  Over time, however, the sandwich evolved and became more popular amongst pub-goers. Today, anyone can enjoy the delicious and satisfying Ploughman’s sandwich as a meal at any time of day. Where can I get it? You can order online at la plowman’s steaky tarts recipe make it yourself by placing a pork pie between two slices of bread, then putting some bacon and cheese on top.

We love them with…friends and family! With many people considering football to be a boring day-after-day slog through six months of samey games (we don’t judge), the history surrounding the popularity of over-priced sandwiches is totally irrelevant to most people these days, but this quick lunch will highlight for you that our dear country actually used to cater for certain types of customer base other than Billy Bonds. Attention Joe Bloggs: you shouldn’t feel like a loser

What goes into a typical ploughman’s sandwich and how do you serve it?

Putting together a proper ploughman’s sandwich is an art form that takes a lot of skill. You’ll need some bread (of course), meat, cheese, and a variety of condiments. Some popular combinations include ham and cheese, roast beef and cheese, and turkey and cheese.

To assemble the sandwich, start by having one slice of bread on your plate. Place the meat on top of the bread slice, then top it with cheese and any desired condiments. Place the second slice of bread on top of the meat and cheese, and cut it into four equal parts. Eat this delicious creation hands-on or use a knife and fork to enjoy!


– The origins of the Ploughman’s sandwich are a mystery. Regardless of its origin, the sandwich is now an iconic part of British culture.

–  During cold winters, farmers would often go out into the fields for long hours working hard, and by mid-summer, they would start to suffer from hunger pains. To combat this, they may have started eating sandwiches made of bread and meats that would last until dinner time.

– Sailors who were transported around. The world actually invented Ploughman’s sandwich, according to another theory. As they traveled, they would often find themselves hungry and without many options. They might have started packing their sandwiches with ham and cheese to make them portable and satisfying.

– No matter what its origins are, it is now a staple in British cuisine. Whether you enjoy it as a quick snack or an entire meal, the Ploughman’s sandwich is sure to please.