The Parisian tradition of making marzipan desserts (a type of confectionery almond paste) is a symbolic gesture, indicating both the bride’s age and her marriage. One of the most popular French traditions today. Like all good things, there are always special days to highlight certain traditions. Tuesday, October 19, for example, is Marzipan Day. Marie Antoinette is celebrated in France and around the world. So you will be hanging out at many events with this cake on the menu. true

How to Make Marzipan Desserts

How to Make Marzipan

The holidays are a great time to give back to the community and make some delicious treats! Here is the recipe for the marzipan dessert. Which can be easily made by the average baker. You can use this recipe to make either traditional marzipan or gingerbread-style marzipan. Traditional marzipan sweets stand dipped in egg whites. It is then coated with sugar. Gingerbread-style marzipan stands shaped like gingerbread houses. It stands sdipped in egg white and then colored with brown sugar and spices. Whether you are making traditional or gingerbread-style marzipan, it makes a great gift for friends or family!


The article talks about how charities are using sugar to raise awareness and money. Recently, there has been a sugar frenzy where charities are using sugar to raise money. Charities are using all different types of sugar to bring in money and awareness.

One charity is making rainbow loaves out of sugar and donating them to Pride festivals across the United States. The loaves have different colors of icing on top and each loaf costs $5. The loaves will be donated until June 2020. Rainbow Loaf Charities is also selling t-shirts with the same design. 

Another charity, Sweet Relief, is selling boiled candy cane sticks for $1 each. The candy cane sticks have a message that says “feed me, not landfill” on them. They will also be selling mason jar cups that say the same thing. These mugs can stand served with any style of hot drink and then taken to concerts or events to donate. Sweet Relief is hoping to raise $30,000 by the end of the year.

Both of these charities are doing a great job of raising awareness and money. They are also helping out the environment by not putting food down in landfills.

How the Sugar Frenzy Came To Be

Recently, there has been a sugar frenzy on social media and in the news. Multiple stories have surfaced about people giving to charities in exchange for sugary treats. What is going on here? And why is it happening?

The answer to the first question is simple: people are feeling generous, and they want to do something nice for others. The reason for the sugar Frenzy is a little more complicated. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on: 

1) People are feeling overwhelmed due to all the bad news out there. We are all trying to cope with the political and social turmoil of today, and sometimes we need something happy and positive to focus on. So when we see people posting pictures of themselves with large donations totaling over $10,000 collected from various candy bars, we feel happy for them and want to give in too. 

2) Social media has made it easier for people to connect with each other and donate to charity events. Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, etc., have made it possible for strangers (or even complete strangers) to quickly form partnerships and donate to each other without ever having met face-to-face. This Sugar Frenzy took off

The Great Barrier Reef: The Australian Signage System

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest and most diverse coral reef ecosystem on Earth, with an area of 2,300 square miles. It’s also one of the most threatened ecosystems, with coral bleaching and global warming causing stressors like more coral deaths and seaweed growth. 

To help raise awareness of the reef’s plight, a number of deep-sea coral paintings were created in association with the Australian Museum. The reefs featured in the paintings are affected by global warming in a way that the shoreline reefs are not. 

The inspiration for these paintings came from divers who came across deep-sea corals that had been bleached white by sunlight. They were shocked at how weak these corals looked and knew they had to do something to help. These murals will be on display at the Australian Museum from September 1st to October 31st 2016.

Reasons for Marzipan
  1. Because it’s delicious! Voters in a poll commissioned by marzipan desserts, the world’s first edible record label, cited the sweet stuff as their favorite type of cake.
  2. It’s an easy way to raise money for charity. Making and selling marzipan desserts is a great way to raise money for your favorite charity. Just make sure that you get your ingredients and decorations from a reputable source, and don’t forget to donate the profits to your chosen cause.
  3. It can be a lot of fun! Whether you’re making it for family and friends or turning it into a business, making and selling marzipan desserts is a great way to pass the time. And who knows – you might just start Selling Out (in a good way)!